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Modern Tales: Age Of Invention (2017)

Paris, 1900. During the world expo an unknown force kidnaps the brightest minds of the century. Step into the shoes of Emily Patterson – the daughter of one of the captured scientists – to follow the trail of the captor and thwart his evil plans before the fate of the world is sealed.

Hidden objects, Adventure
Modern Tales: Age Of Invention screenshot

Heartwild Solitaire Dreams (2016)

New version of the best selling solitaire! Play the mahjong like card game. Match pairs, clear the table and collect stars.

Heartwild Solitaire Dreams screenshot

Royal Trouble: Honeymoon Havoc (2015)

The royal couple's honeymoon turns sour when an evil Lord enters the picture, and now it's up to you to rescue them (or laugh trying)!

Royal Trouble: Honeymoon Havoc screenshot

Graven: The Purple Moon Prophecy (2014)

An unexpected invitation sends you to research mythical standing stones in Brittany. But you quickly discover there is far more at stake than groundbreaking research.

Hidden objects, Adventure
Graven: The Purple Moon Prophecy screenshot

Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch (2012)

After their hiking trip takes a tragic turn, a group of friends is forced to travel between realms to undo an old wrong and save the Cypress Witch.

Spirit Walkers: Curse of the Cypress Witch screenshot

Royal Trouble (2010)

On a secluded island two of the most unlikely people find themselves locked in a dungeon. Who captured them and why? And what is this place anyway?

Royal Trouble screenshot

Heartwild Solitaire: Book Two (2010)

The romance themed solitaire continues. Bigger and better.

Card solitaire
Heartwild Solitaire: Book Two screenshot

Kuros (2009)

Help Katya explore five elemental realms and heal the mysterious and damaged world of Kuros in this hidden object adventure.

Hidden objects, Adventure
Kuros screenshot

Heartwild Solitaire: Book One (2008)

Beautiful solitaire game made for romance readers.

Card solitaire
Heartwild Solitaire: Book One screenshot

Glyph 2 (2008)

Walk with the Exile as she uncovers ancient Glyph Energy, buried deep below the surface of Kuros, and drives back the shadow destroying this once beautiful planet.

Puzzle, Match-3 style
Glyph 2 screenshot

Super Granny 4 (2007)

Join Kamila, Margaret and everyone's favorite geriatric superhero, Super Granny, for this all-new, globe-trotting adventure! As Super Granny, Kamila and Margaret reminisce about their past adventures, help the ladies navigate 6 exotic locales - from ancient Egyptian tombs overrun with mummies, to exotic Alaskan cruises - with everything leading up to a final showdown with the nefarious, and dastardly named, Colonel Hans Foote, the leader of a mysterious shadow organization.

Super Granny 4 screenshot

Super Granny 3 (2007)

Help Granny navigate an abandoned European theme park, currently controled by a bunch of wild dogs. Kitties are waiting to be rescued in more than 200 levels and 5 uniquely hilarious scenes. For even more fun, make your own Super Granny adventures with the included level editor.

Super Granny 3 screenshot

Glyph (2006)

Save a dying world by assembling ancient glyphs in this epic puzzle adventure. Harness the powers of Wood, Fire, Water, Metal and Aether as you explore 255 dazzling levels in 5 different worlds. Help heal the land in Quest Mode and try Action Mode for an even greater challenge.

Puzzle, Match-3 style
Glyph screenshot

Super Granny Winter Wonderland (2006)

Super Granny's ski resort vacation is cut short when her kitties go missing. Navigate Granny through 90+ new action-packed levels, some created by fellow players, as you rescue Granny's kitties from the clutches of the nefarious Dr Meow.

Super Granny Winter Wonderland screenshot

Granny in Paradise (2005)

Super Granny's back, ready to rumble. While on a well deserved vacation, Super Granny's kitties are abducted. Run, dig, climb, swing, float and tumble through 5 worlds and over 170 levels, rescuing Granny's cats from Dr Meow.

Granny in Paradise screenshot

Slyder Adventures (2005)

The spherical hero Slyder returns in his latest topsy-turvy adventure. Guide Slyder and three of his friends through worlds packed with fun, excitement, and danger! Explore four huge worlds, each with unique characters and items to interact with!

Slyder Adventures screenshot

Space Hack (2004)

Space Hack is a sci-fi RPG/action title with Diablo-inspired gameplay mechanics. The storyline puts you on board of a quite peculiar spaceship, trapped inside a space warp. Being a tough guy, whose axe is almost as quick as his wit, it's not surprising that you promptly find yourself confronting angry monsters, one wave after another

Space Hack screenshot

Great Journey (2003)

Do you like adventures? Would you like to travel the world? Then don't waste any more time and join Tony and Annie on their mission to save Antarctica! Immerse in a thrilling adventure and visit lots of vibrant sceneries - from small port towns, through hot, sandy deserts and damp, colorful jungle, all the way to the land of snow and ice. For children ages 6-12.

Great Journey screenshot

Grom (2002)

Nazi squads are penetrating Tibet in search for a lethal, legendary ancient weapon. Don't let them be the first to get it! Grom is an Hollywood-style game providing players with loads of pure adventure, fierce battles, a bit of humour and a mystery. Combining deep storyline and real-time strategy combats in an action/RPG style, the game is easy to get into and incredibly absorbing. Unknown facts of World War II are to be revealed...

Grom screenshot

Timothy (2000)

Help young Timothy in a quest to rescue his best friend from an evil Prince. This game for kids and whole families, is a blend of storytelling and many diversified mini-games (action, logic, education, puzzle, etc.) which easily bring fun to everyone. One of the most beautiful graphics ever seen in such productions adds a lot of flavour to it. The product contains no aggression scenes and is designed to develop young minds while playing.

Timothy screenshot

Treasure Island (1997)

Find your way out of a strange and dangerous island in this colorful platform game. Wander through an exotic jungle, visit the old mine, dive to find the treasure of a sunken ship, don't get scared by ghosts in a spooky castle, slide your way through the land of ice and be careful in that mysterious deserted factory. Huge and varied levels, lots of enemies and high quality graphics will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Treasure Island screenshot

Dark Moon (1996)

The classic is back! Prepare your ship for a wild ride, because you're the only one who can protect Earth from an alien invasion. This game will present you all the attributes that made its genre a classic - fast-paced action, lots of firepower, huge explosions, missiles flying all around and of course, terrifying level bosses.

Classic side-scrolling shooter
Dark Moon screenshot

Mega Blast (1995)

In its heart, Mega Blast is a tribute to such classic titles as Dyna Blaster or Bomberman. However, thanks to a large amount of fresh ideas, never-seen-before features, polished gameplay and crazy-paced multiplayer, the game brings a whole new spirit to the genre. Get your friends around and give it a try!

Arcade-puzzle (multiplayer)
Mega Blast screenshot

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